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Hair Misses



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Experience better flexibility with styling & blending your install! Frontals are perfect for protective styles.

  • Versatile.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Our 13x4 frontal is great for side & middle parts.
  • Our 13x6 frontal is perfect for "deeper parts" and ponytails. 

Each lace is made with measurement of 13 x 4 typically spans from ear to ear. The lace is transparent and can help to create an excellent and natural hairline that is almost undetectable! Our lace last 9 months to a year with good care. 

Made with Swiss lace.

We recommend getting a professional stylist to install any frontal to prevent over processing when bleaching knots. 

HD lace frontals and closures can be freed of access glue and build up with 70-90% alcohol and a cotton rag (be sure to be gentle).

Can you go swimming with our HD Lace? YES

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