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Hair Misses



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Our 613 Blonde Bombshell bundles are PERFECT for coloring, as well as wearing in its natural state! 

The number one benefit of our 613 Blonde hair is that it eliminates the need to bleach (or lift) the tresses to deposit the color of your choice. Blonde grants you so many possibilities. You can wear its natural color or add colors like, pink (like the model shown below), blue, etc.

Color does not negatively affect our blonde tresses. 

Our 613 is high quality tresses that remain silky and luxurious although it is blonde. 

Does the color make the hair shed? NO

Can you go swimming with it? YES

We recommend using blonde thread when sewing these tresses in. For bonding, "30 Second" glue is great but be sure to apply small amounts so glue doesn't seep through tracks.


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